Vector Control

If schools have problems involving Vector Control, submit a BO-3 to request someone from the OMS office come out to the school to take a look at the problem. For further information, contact our OMS Office at (808) 586-3456.

The following are links to the Vector Control Documents from Department of Health relating to specific pests. The documents are saves as PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open these documents.

Document Title:Document Title:
AntsInsects that pass through screens
Bed BugsLice
Brown Dog TicksOccasional Pests
CockroachesOdor Nuisance
Domestic FliesPesticides
Door Yard PestsPineapple Beetles
FleasRats and Mice
House Dust MitesStored Food Pests
Itch MitesVinegar Flies

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